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Be on the lookout! Authentic Genuine Handmade Turquoise pieces!

Recently I had decided to push other inventory out so I can start carrying products that are better quality & last longer over time . My mother in law is Cherokee & to be honest thats how my love for turquoise started . She has many handmade pieces and they are gorgeous ....what I love most is you'll never find turquoise that looks exactly alike , there's over 30 different types of the gemstone itself . I loved the idea of a natural gem being a part of me and my everyday style .Fun Fact :The color itself is actually my favorite ! In this image are 6 unique , handmade necklaces ranging from natural turquoise , amber and even coral stones. All of the necklaces arrive from Missippi after being blessed in a Native American ceremony . Proceeds from this collection help Native American women that have been through domestic violence situations . Moving forward , I plan to be able to provide hand picked , hand made jewelry for you all and also they will all be made in the US .

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